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After you return home

What you can eat

  • You can start with easily digestible (avoid vegetables and fruits), less oily food, like porridge with high protein food eg. fish, egg white etc and gradually progress to normal foods over 2 weeks.

It is normal to have reduced appetite for a period after surgery, but this should slowly improve.

  • You may also experience more frequent stools, but this should improve over time.

How to manage pain at home

You might still experience some pain when you are at home. You will probably need to take oral pain medication to help you with your pain.

  • You should just take oral Panadol regularly for a few more days after discharge and reserve the stronger pain medication for times when you really need it.

Activities and movement

  • You should continue to stay active at home by taking walks, for example. You will feel increased fatigue from exercise, which could last a several weeks after the operation.
  • Avoid heavy load lifting (more than half of your body weight) for about 6 weeks after your surgery.

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